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Tren'ness Woods - Black

Strategic Partnerships & Relations Advisor

Tren'ness Woods-Black: Visionary in Hospitality Strategy and Advocacy

With over 25 years of dedication and expertise, Tren'ness Woods-Black, the “Queen of Hospitality” is a preeminent strategist and advocate for the hospitality industry. As President and Chief Strategist of Tren'ness Woods-Black LLC, she executes innovative culinary and lifestyle events and partnerships. "Cornbread and Conversations” (podcast) signature cultural salon series, and “Block Party "(experiential) where activation meets advocacy is a testament to her creative and curatorial prowess.

Expanding Horizons: Tren'ness' contribution to the industry transcends her James Beard-recognized family legacy at Sylvia's Restaurant. Her scope is vast, creating bespoke experiences for celebrities and culinary icons, and extending her strategic touch to an array of clients, from burgeoning real estate tech firms to neurodiversity specialist.

Advocate for New York's Culinary Scene: Tren'ness deep-rooted passion for New York shines in her roles both as a founding executive board member of the NYC Hospitality Alliance and the Culinary Co-chair of NYC Tourism & Conventions. Her strategic insights were particularly sought after during the pandemic when she served on the Governor's New York Forward Board. Tren'ness also demonstrated her community commitment by leading a food pantry initiative and the Thrillist Block Party Harlem, providing much-needed support to local businesses.

Recognized Expertise and Global Reach: Tren'ness thought leadership is regularly showcased in leading media such as The New York Times and Master Chef, (Australia, Poland) cementing her status as an influential media figure and a stalwart ambassador for New York City. Her contributions have drawn acclaim from esteemed platforms like Conde Nast Traveler.

Philanthropic Impact: Beyond business, Tren'ness channels her energies into philanthropy, raising substantial funds for charities and contributing significantly to the fabric of numerous non-profits.

In essence, Tren'ness Woods-Black embodies the spirit of hospitality, utilizing her vast knowledge and fervor to curate unparalleled experiences, uplift communities, and sustain the pulsating heart of New York's hospitality sector.