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Joni Yoswein

Government Relations

Yoswein New York was founded on the belief that those of us who work in the world of government and public affairs have a special responsibility, to both the clients we represent and to the people our efforts and decisions will impact. Having seen first-hand how government works from many different perspectives - as a Member of the New York State Assembly, as a senior legislative staffer, and as an Assistant Commissioner at a New York City agency – I believed that a new approach to lobbying, public relations, and government affairs were needed.

Respect for government and the legislative process… involvement of communities in decisions that affect them… coordinated campaigns that move beyond traditional lobbying and include public relations and grassroots organizing… integrity guiding each and every action…These are the principles that define our new approach.

With more than 17 years behind us, Yoswein New York is honored to have earned a reputation as one of New York’s premier boutique consulting firms. We remain committed to providing our clients with the most innovative, thoughtful, and principled government affairs services possible. I’ve always believed that when your name is on the door, you have a unique and personal responsibility, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work we do every day at YNY.