By Anna Sanders, Silvie (Photo AP)

How clean is the restaurant you eat in?


December 13, 2016

CITY HALL -- Fewer Staten Island restaurants have been closed by the Health Department in recent years.  Only nine borough establishments have been temporarily closed this year through Nov. 22, according to statistics from the city Health Department...

By News 12 Brooklyn

Bill could double street vendor permits given out


November 18, 2016

A bill introduced in the New York City Council could double the number of street vendor permits doled out over seven years. But the bill does face some stiff opposition, most notably on the part of the restaurant industry, which is afraid more street...

By Rosa Goldensohn, Crain's NY (Photo AP)

Trump's Muslim travel ban would be a blow to city economy November 11, 2016


November 11, 2016

Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslim visitors from the United States would be disastrous for New York's economy, and even talk of it could hurt tourism, business leaders say. Vijay Dandapani, chairman of the Hotel Association of New York City...

By Courtney Gross, NY1 News

Council Committee Considers Doubling the Number of Permits for Food Trucks


October 26, 2016

While there are thousands of food carts scattered across the city, many of them may not be operating legally. For decades, there has been a cap on the number of food carts but the City Council wants to change that. But as our Courtney Gross explains...

By Hailey Eber, NY Post

Is New York City’s dining scene over?


October 26, 2016

When Wylie Dufresne closed his vaunted molecular gastronomy restaurant wd~50 in 2014 and the more relaxed Alder the following year, diners were hungry to see what the award-winning chef would do next. Originally, Dufresne, who declined to comment for...