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Updates: Repeal of Food Item Requirement & Bar Guidance

April 30, 2021

As a follow up to our alert yesterday, we are pleased to inform you that today the NYS Assembly and Senate repealed the requirement that a “food item” be ordered with alcohol at restaurants and bars. This is effective immediately, meaning that restaurants and bars are no longer required to serve a “food item” with alcohol.

Earlier today, we announced more good news that the midnight curfew is scheduled to be repealed indoors on May 31st (we hope it will be sooner) and on May 3rd seating at bars will be permitted in NYC. To clarify, we believe the same statewide guidance will apply in NYC, which is that patrons of different parties must be separated by at least 6 feet or a physical barrier whether at bar stools or communal tables. The NYC guidance is being updated and should anything change we will inform you.

The NYC Hospitality Alliance has been advocating to safely eliminate these requirement as it has made it even more difficult for establishments to operate during an already difficult time. This is great news, and we will continue fighting for our industry.