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Third-Party Delivery Regulation (Prohibit Listing Restaurants Without Approval)

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The NYC Hospitality Alliance led the fight for to regulate third-party delivery companies and create a fairer and more equitable marketplace for our city’s restaurants with the most supportive reform in industry anywhere in the country. One of these reforms is:

Prohibit Listing Restaurants Without Approval

This law requires third-party delivery companies from listing restaurants on their platforms without their approval. It will require third-party delivery companies to obtain a written agreement with a restaurant before listing them on their platform. This legislation is important because some third-party platforms list restaurants on their sites without permission, which results in them posting out-of-date menus with items no longer offered by the restaurants, list the incorrect price, out of stock items, items offered for in-restaurant dining only and not delivery, and in cases have listed menus from the wrong restaurants or those that don’t even offer delivery. This misleads and hurts consumers and is hugely problematic because when an order is incorrect, the customer inevitably blames the restaurant, which inadvertently tarnishes their reputation and can cause bad reviews and loss of future customers. Read legislation.