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Surgically Clean Air

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Breathe easy…

Medical-grade portable air purifiers are available for restaurants!

Exceed your air purification requirements and assure customers and staff they are protected  

With technology created for the SARS coronavirus…

  • Developed by a physician in response to SARS  
  • 6-stage filtration including HEPA MERV 17 and UVC light
  • Captures and kills 99.998% virus, bacteria and other pathogens
  • High air flow, yet quiet
  • Plugs in regular outlet and portable (30lbs)
  • Watch how it works!  VIDEO

A tested, trusted, and smart choice

Proven 99.998 effective against viruses, bacteria and more. 

Trusted by dentists, universities, and professional sports teams

Touchless controls eliminate cross contamination

Smart sensor measures particulates and adjusts filtration

A Custom plan for you

We will review your unique space and calculate a plan that allows you to achieve the recommended air exchanges per hour. 

What would it mean to customers if you had this in your window? 

Available immediately

Financing options


Kate Mooney