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MS Shift

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MS SHIFT Solutions were created to connect the space between timeless service standards and powerful technology in the hospitality industry. The goal is to move traditional methods of paper documentation into practical, queryable digital logs in a high-performance database.

Our easy-to- use solutions can be shared amongst different departments creating better channels of communication. MS Shift systems are developed and supported in-house creating a superior customer service experience.

As businesses reopen, new processes and procedures are critical to minimizing the risk of virus transmission between employees, visitors, and guests. MS SHIFT Visitor Kiosk preregistration health scanning can be touchless and comes with everything you need to start COVID-19 screening immediately, ensuring your business is compliant while protecting your employees. Take advantage of our Visitor Log Mobile Preregistration feature to eliminate entry lines and greatly reduce processing time at your visitor entry points, further reducing possible exposure risks

Visit to learn more about how MS Shift is working to keep your employees and guests safe during the pandemic. To contact MS Shift for a demo please email