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Health Department Letter Grade Reform

letter grade

The NYC Hospitality Alliance led the charge to reform the Health Department's Letter Grade system, which helped reduce fines by more than $20 million a year, while ensuring public health. 

  • Fines levied by the Department to Health reduced to the amount collected before the Letter Grade system started.
  • Fine waiver for initial inspections receiving an A upon adjudication, an issue we fought for from day one.
  • Changed law to allow certain non-food safety related violations to allow for a cure period before a fine is levied.
  • Creation of an optional consultative, educational inspection program where no violations will be issued.
  • Creation of an ombudsman office to receive and address comments, complaints, and compliments.
  • Creation of an inspection code of conduct.
  • Creation of an advisory board which the industry will be a part of to systematically review the restaurant inspection program, letter grades, the point system and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Increased and improved reporting of restaurant inspection data so we can finally prove that the majority of violations issued are for minor issues.
  • Relief for not previously cited violations relating to fixtures.