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Sign on to SLA Temporary Liquor Permit Expansion Letter

May 30, 2024

If you have or may apply for a new Liquor License in NYC, we need you to sign this letter urging the state legislature to pass the “temporary liquor permit” bill before the end of the legislative session. Due to backlog at the State Liquor Authority, it can take up to a year to get a liquor license at one of the many locations not currently eligible, which is untenable for many new businesses. If enacted, this proposed law will reduce the time it takes to serve alcohol by many months – a much more reasonable timeframe, while the SLA works hard to get through the backlog. 

 It is quick and easy to sign this letter and it’s urgent!


What you need to know:

We were pleased to work with the NYS legislature in 2022 to make initial, common-sense changes to the law to make many NYC businesses eligible for a temporary liquor permit. These changes were a resounding success – filling vacant storefronts and letting new restaurants open faster, employ people sooner, and start generating tax revenue earlier, without compromising on community engagement. We are now working hard to pass a bill by the end of this legislative session that will expand the availability of temporary retail permits by eliminating the requirement that a premises had a liquor license within the past two years to be eligible for a temporary liquor permit. This will make many more locations, such as former licensed establishments that closed over two years ago and new construction, eligible to open much sooner. This will remove undue financial hardships on new businesses by letting them open and begin serving many months sooner.