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SLA Lifting Limitations On (Un)Suspended Licenses

May 27, 2021


As of yesterday (May 26, 2021), the State Liquor Authority unanimously approved an advisory lifting any additional restrictions that were imposed on liquor licenses after those licenses were suspended (and then "unsuspended" upon negotiating a deal with the SLA) during the COVID-19 pandemic. This comes into effect after the SLA promised to lift such restrictions once the pandemic ended. Although the SLA maintains that the pandemic is still ongoing, and as such, all bars and restaurants must still abide by NYS Department of Health/CDC guidelines, this is a crucial step in the right direction.


  • If the SLA took possession of your liquor license, and then subsequently issued you a new license with additional restrictions (regarding hours of operation, types of entertainment, etc.) built in, you MUST CONTINUE TO ABIDE BY THOSE RESTRICTIONS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A LICENSE IN THE MAIL WITH THE RESTRICTIONS REMOVED. The SLA has made it a goal to mail back all original liquor licenses that were collected during the pandemic after being suspended (and then "unsuspended") by the end of the week (May 28, 2021). No request or additional paperwork needs to be filed to receive your original license - the SLA will automatically send it back. Once you receive your original license, you no longer have to abide by the additional restrictions placed on the license that the SLA provided.
  • If the SLA took possession of your liquor license, and instead issued back to you the same, original license, then, as of May 26, 2021, you no longer have to abide by any additional restrictions.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: This advisory only applies to restrictions placed on your liquor license by the State Liquor Authority. All bars and restaurants must continue to abide by NYS Department of Health/CDC guidelines.

For more information on the relaxation of the CDC's guidelines and how that may affect your business, please visit: the SLA website.