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raves and rants

“Bringing accountability to customer service one transaction at a time and every transaction at once.” 

Raves & Rants is a highly interactive, business and consumer friendly customer feedback platform that ensures your company receives more quality, structured, post-purchase feedback than ever. Raves & Rants is a disruptor; meant to propel direct, post-purchase feedback collection methods from where they are now (1980 – 2010) into the future and beyond; for the Mom and Pop and self-employed food truck owner to the biggest of conglomerates. These days, when collecting feedback through customer satisfaction surveys and off rating sites, the same challenges your company faces, all companies face.

Raves & Rants takes those challenges and presents the remedies to your customers as one easy to use mobile app for all companies to use to collect the opinions of your customers through surveys and ratings. Once your customer makes a purchase, you both enjoy immediately survey delivery and rating opportunity to the app among a host of other features that will surely keep them in the feedback loop. That means your customer is retained. If not, at least now you know why.  

Raves & Rants is, even more importantly, a cross collaborative community of companies and their customers. One thing in common is the value both put on the ease of flow of communication and accountability. Both are main focal points of Raves & Rants. Focusing on these factors is how companies take the national loss of $90B to bad service and fill that hole.

The companies in our community work together so that individually, they receive more feedback than they ever would have; and it is 100% real. Our network of companies understand that pursuing information and intelligence is of the highest importance if they want to succeed. They also understand that the current means are not going to carry them into the future.



Cam Barnett

(917) 993-1720