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Office of Nightlife Appointments New Executive Director

November 20, 2023

Eric Adams et al. standing next to a man in a suit and tie

Office of Nightlife

In case you missed it, last Friday, Mayor Adams held a press conference to announce the appointment of Jeffrey Garcia to the position of executive director of the city’s Office of Nightlife (“ONL”). Garcia is a born and bred New Yorker who has spent his career dedicated to public service, in and out of government, supporting the people and small businesses that make New York the greatest city in the world. He previously served as president of the NYS Latino Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge Association and served on the NYC Small Business Advisory Council. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Garcia has additionally served as a board member at the New York City Hospitality Alliance and helped found the Latino Cannabis Association.

We have no doubt Garcia will bring his experience, expertise, and commitment to serve New York into the position of executive director of the city’s ONL, while continuing and expanding upon the office’s essential work which was started by its founding executive director Ariel Palitz, who after a productive and impactful five years moved on from the position earlier this year. 

The NYC Hospitality Alliance’s executive director Andrew Rigie is the elected Chairperson of the Nightlife Advisory Board that was established by law to advise the ONL. Rigie is joined as an advisor on the Board by our counsel Robert Bookman. You may CLICK HERE to read the Nightlife Advisory Board’s Report and Recommendations from 2021.

Fine Reduction Too

At Friday’s press conference, the mayor also signed two bills sponsored by Council Member Julie Menin which will move the Office of Nightlife to the Department of Small Business Services where it will have the agency’s extensive resources and support at the ready, and the second will reduce additional unnecessary fines on small businesses and instead focus on education, correction, and compliance first.

CLICK ´╗┐HERE to read the press release from the City of New York.