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New Trash Management Rules Take Effect April 1st

March 6, 2023

The Department of Sanitation is changing the way certain businesses and residential buildings manage their waste. Below you will find: 1. What’s Changing 2. Tips for Businesses 3. Clean Curbs Pilot Program.

As this new rule is implemented, please keep the NYC Hospitality Alliance informed about if/how it impacts your business operations. Thank you.  


Setout times for waste are changing April 1st to help keep our streets clean! Businesses that place waste at the curb* for collection have two setout options:

  • If using a container with a secure lid, a business should place waste at the curb 1 hour before closing, or
  • If putting bags directly on the curb, place waste out after 8:00 PM.

* This does not apply to businesses that have waste collected from a loading dock or other off-street location. 

As continues to be in effect, businesses must remember to remove all containers from the curb by the time they reopen. Containers must be removed from sidewalks/streets and placed inside or in the rear of the premises. DSNY will continue to allow a reasonable amount of time (usually one hour from the time a responsible party is on the premises) for removal of containers before issuing a Notice of Violation. As a reminder, garbage must be collected on the night it is set out and may never be left out on a holiday or weekend if there is no collection scheduled.

Learn more at



  • Consult with your carter to confirm available service options and frequency of pickup, recycling authorization, and container specifications
  • Continue to set out tied, baled, or bundled cardboard at the curb for collection at the specified time
  • Periodically conduct a visual check of their waste to make improvements by:
    • Reducing
      • Work with suppliers to reduce over-purchasing
      • Train staff to reduce wasteful practices and overproduction
    • Reusing
      • Find creative uses for items previously discarded as waste (e.g., in food prep, use tops of tomatoes that are normally discarded for soup stock or other recipes)
      • Repair items or donate gently used goods. Please visit 
    • Recycling
      • Ensure recyclables are always kept separate from garbage
      • As a reminder, all businesses must follow the commercial recycling rules. Please visit



The Clean Curbs pilot program aims to allow approved private entities, like commercial property owners and Business Improvement Districts, the opportunity to install sealed, rodent-proof containers on City property. These containers will store waste awaiting collection, reducing the piles of bags taking up sidewalk space, and helping to make the City cleaner and safer.

Clean Curbs participants are responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining their containers. DSNY does not provide these containers. All Clean Curb sites require approval by DSNY and NYC DOT and notification of adjacent property owner(s) as well as local Community Board(s) before installation can take place. Program requirements and application info can be found at