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Figure 8

Founded in 2019, Figure 8 is a team of hospitality management consultants working with businesses to improve their off-premises operations. We have empowered over 300 restaurants and other food-related ventures to strengthen their businesses through sustainable delivery system design and implementation.

We make delivery better – smoother, simpler, and financially sustainable. By launching and optimizing ordering channels, integrating the right tech stack, enhancing online visibility, and everything in between, we help increase revenues and improve profit margins. Because better systems equals better business. 

Scott Landers is Co-Founder and CEO at Figure 8. He holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from MIT and lives in New York City. Scott began his lifelong fascination with water and food in Northeast Texas, where he was born and raised on the sixth-generation Landers Family Farm. He has since worked as a civil engineer, product director, and independent consultant to water and food organizations.

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