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Cure Periods for Violations and Fine Reduction

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The NYC Hospitality Alliance led the effort with the business community and government officials on two separate occasions to enact legislation that provides businesses a cure period or warning for nearly 300 violations issued across multiple city agencies (including, DOB, DCA, DOHMH, DOT, DEP, FDNY, DSNY) that don’t pose an immediate hazard to the public or workers. We estimate that the Cure Period, Warning, and Fine Reduction Reform will add up to more than $75 million per year in savings for small businesses in NYC.

Many of the violations, a lot of which apply to hospitality businesses, such as an improperly posted sign, a rag on the counter and not in a bucket of solution, an improperly constructed countertop, or a dimly lit lightbulb in a storage closet, will now provide for a warning or cure period for first time violations before any fine is levied.

The fine amounts for many violations issued by city agencies will also be reduced.

These reforms will help ensure that the inspection process for small businesses is focused on education and compliance first, and issuing fines and penalties as a last resort, which has been a priority of the NYC Hospitality Alliance.