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Con Edison Gas Service

gas stove

The service is intended to solve a problem that many restaurants’ owners face when they sign a new lease only to discover there is not existing or adequate gas service at the location. This results in unexpected, expensive and time-consuming work that must be done before opening the business and it puts them over budget and behind schedule. To help you determine whether gas is available at a particular space, or could be provided to the location before signing a lease, Con Edison’s Gas Team will provide small business owners in the food and beverage industry an opportunity to receive preliminary information regarding gas availability and a list of additional costs associated with providing gas service to a particular space/address, and if applicable, for a specific premise. By having access to this information before signing a lease you will be able to more effectively budget your opening expenses and anticipate your timeline to receive gas service. This service will help mitigate unknown expenses and work that must be done at a space before having access to gas service.