The Alliance represents New York City hospitality businesses in the halls of government and the media. This is an abbreviated list of our accomplishments in reducing regulatory burdens and current issues impacting the industry.

80/20 Rule

Reform the NYS Department of Labor's so called 80/20 Rule that creates significant legal and financial liability for restaurants and hurts workers who want to work more hours and gain more skills. The law prohibits an employer from taking the tip...

Administrative Fees

Allow hospitality businesses in New York City the option of adding a clearly disclosed administrative fee to restaurant menus, which is allowed everywhere in the country, even elsewhere in New York State. This antiqued rule, implemented for an...

Air Conditioning & Open Storefronts

The NYC Hospitality Alliance secured another major victory for our members now that a new law we suggested and advocated for has taken effect. Effective immediately restaurants are allowed to keep their doors and windows open when the air conditioning...

Annual Wage Notice

Worked with the greater business community to eliminate the redundant and time consuming requirment that the Annual Notice of Pay Form be given to employees at the start of each year, because employees already receive this payroll information each pay...

Bottle Service

The Alliance worked with the City of New York after a few incidents at nightclubs arose to help ensure the safety of patrons, while not restricting bottle service, which is a major draw for customers and a vital part of certain business models.

Brunch Bill

The new law now allows Sunday alcohol service to begin at 10:00am on Sundays, instead of noon.

Cabaret Law Repeal

Mayor de Blasio recently signed the bill repealing the arcane cabaret law, but there are still hurdles to overcome.

Commercial Rent Tax

The NYC Hospitality Alliance helped deliver an important victory for nearly 400 restaurants that will now either be exempt from paying Commercial Rent Tax (CRT), or have their tax burden reduced. 

Commercial Tenant Harassment Law Enacted

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation into law that was spearheaded by Council Member, Robert E. Cornegy Jr., which allows commercial tenants, such as restaurants, to file lawsuits against their landlord for tenant harassment...
Gas burner

Con Edison Service for NYC Bars and Restaurants

The NYC Hospitality Alliance is happy to announce a partnership with Con Edison and the NYC Department of Small Business Services to offer a new service we encourage you to use before signing a lease to open an eating and drinking establishment.

Cure Periods for Violations

The Alliance led the effort with the business community and government officials to pass legislation that provides businesses a Cure Period for certain violations...

DEP Water Shutdowns

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection should provide businesses with sufficient time, such as 30-day notice (or the longest notice period possible), prior to scheduled water shutdowns. Restaurants sometimes receive less than 24-hour notice...

FICA Tax Credit

The State and City of New York’s Finance Departments should explicitly allow the amount of a restaurant's FICA Tip Tax Credit to be an allowable subtraction from that businesses taxable income. This policy of allowing restaurants to subtract the FICA...

Food Donation Online Portal

The New York City Hospitality Alliance supports the passage of Int. No. 1514 that will facilitate food donations by creating an online portal.

Harassment in the Workplace

On February 28th 2018, the City Council held a public hearing on proposed legislation to address sexual harassment in private and public sector workplaces.

Health Department Letter Grades

The Alliance led the charge to reform the Health Department's Letter Grade system, which helped redcue fines by $20 million a year, while ensuring public health.

Health Department Letter Grades

Amend the NYC Department of Health’s Letter Grade inspection system by allowing cure periods and eliminating points for nonfood safety related violations that calculate a letter grade. Also, introduce "due process" into the inspection process so that...


We support legislation that would allow new hostels to open in NYC. Hostels allow people with smaller budgets and those seeking a different t ravel experience to visit NYC. They create business opportunities for entrepreneurs, create new jobs...

Landmark Reform

Restaurants that are located within Landmark Historic Districts that seek to renovate only the interior of the business should be permitted to have a licensed architect, engineer or appropriate professional self-certify the renovation to immediately...


The Alliance successfully advocated to have a "private right of action" removed from certain proposlas and laws. This means that businesses cannot be sued in private court for large sums of money over frivolous and/or minor technical violations of...

Lien Bill

The Alliance opposes S579/A628, which would allow employees to file personal liens against business owners solely upon the allegation of a wage dispute, allow the state to place liens on property on behalf of claimants and make shareholders in limited...

Limited Supervisory Authority Employees can Receive Tips

The NYS Court of Appeals Upheld an Employer's Right to Allow Service Employees With Limited Supervisory Authority to Receive Tips. The Alliance we submitted an amicus brief in this case and we are proud that the judges ruled in favor of our position...
Food Cart

Mobile Vending Reform

The NYC Hospitality Alliance was concerned about a last-minute rush to pass legislation through the City Council in the last two weeks of the year.

Nightlife Office at City Hall

The influence of NYC's nightlife industry on our local economy, culture, soul, music, arts and social fabric is undeniable. The Office of Nightlife now has the opportunity support our nighttime economy and keep NYC the 'City that Never Sleeps.'
Organic Waste Separation

Organic Separation Requirements

In 2017 the NYC Hospitality Alliance informed you that the city’s Department of Sanitation introduced a proposal to expand the number of businesses that would be required to separate their organic waste for composting.
Potato Peels

Organic Waste

Until the city guarantees more reasonable enforcement that focuses on education instead of fines, and determines the impact their separate, zone carting system proposal would have on organic waste separation, we cannot support this mandate's expansion.

Private Collection - State Legislature

Last year the NYC Hospitality Alliance secured a major victory when we defeated a proposal, that if enacted, would have placed restrictions on restaurants that purchase rare and hard to find wines from "private collectors" when licensed wholesalers in...

Private Collections - SLA

The NYS Liquor Authority is no longer considering a proposal to enact restrictions on restaurants that purchase rare and hard to find wines from private collectors. The NYC Hospitality Alliance and all our members who rely on purchasing certain...


It's no secret that scaffolding (sidewalk sheds) play an important role in protecting people from falling debris from building construction. But it's also no secret that scaffolding that is left up for extended periods of time has a devastating impact...

Self Certification of Liquor Licenses

Successfully advocated to extend the successful State Liquor Authority attorney Self Certification pilot program which sped up the process in which businesses apply for a Liquor License.

Sidewalk Cafes

The Alliance advocated to allow restaurants to begin operating their sidewalk cafes on Sundays beginning at 10am, instead of noon...

SLA’s 200 Foot Rule

The Alcohol Beverage Control Law (ABC). Section 64(d)(8) prohibits restaurants with full liquor licenses, bars, clubs and lounges from operating within 200 feet of a school, church or other place of worship on the same street. The 200 foot rule is an...

Tipped Wage

The NYC Hospitality Alliance along with other business organizations helped to ensure that, for now, the entire Tip Credit was not eliminated, but this will be a hot issue in 2018.

Tipped Wages and the Tip Credit

As you may have heard, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he will hold hearings in 2018 on the minimum wage for tipped workers because he doesn’t think the current system is working well. 

Wood & Coal Cook Stove Requirements

The NYC Hospitality Alliance worked with the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure that wood- and coal- cook stoves were not banned and could continue to be used by restaurants if they install an emission control device.