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  • Andrew Rigie On NY1 Testifying At The Wage Board Hearing

    On October 20th, 2014 Executive Director Andrew Rigie testified at the Wage Board hearing on behalf of the NYC hospitality industry.

    "An elimination or a drastic increase in the tip wage will damage many restaurants--some beyond repair. It will reduce employment in others, and it may lower the income of the more well-paid New Yorkers who work in our establishments," said Andrew Rigie of the NYC Hospitality Alliance.

    Instead, Rigie proposes raising the hourly tip wage only for tipped workers whose total income is less than one and a half times the minimum wage. Click here to view Andrew Rigie in action on NY1 ›

  • Tip Wage Survey

    Survey results released by the New York City Hospitality Alliance found that servers who receive tips in the city's restaurants earn on average $25.34 an hour. Bartenders at restaurants are earning on average $27.48 an hour, and bussers and food runners $17.11 an hour. Cocktail servers working at nightlife establishments earn on average $31.21 an hour, nightlife bartenders $32.35, nightlife bussers and food runners $18.84.

    The survey was completed by employers from a sample of 486 eating and drinking establishments in the City, employing approximately 15,000 tipped employees.

    The survey was released on October 17th, in advance of an October 20th Wage Board hearing being held by the NYS Department of Labor. The Wage Board will receive testimony from the public on how the "tip credit" should be adjusted. The tip credit allows restaurant employers to pay employees who earn tips a base wage of $5 an hour if their tips meet or exceed the state's $8 minimum wage. On a rare occasion when an employee's tips plus their base wage equal less than the minimum wage, employers are required by law to pay the shortfall. Click here to view the Tip Wage Survey ›

  • Tip Credit OpEd in New York Post

    "The culture of tipping ingrained in the American culture is coming to a boiling point in New York City.To help create jobs for New Yorkers while reducing operating costs for the restaurant industry, state law allows employers to take a "tip credit" against the minimum wage.

    Here's how it works: Restaurants currently pay tipped workers a base wage of $5 an hour. An employee's tips are then added to the base wage. If that sum is less than the minimum wage, the law requires the employer to pay the difference - a fact that many activists leave out when falsely suggesting that tipped restaurant workers are earning a sub-minimum wage.

    The truth is that thousands of tipped restaurant workers are not just making the minimum wage; they're making more than $20 an hour, according to a survey conducted by the NYC Hospitality Alliance." Click here to read the full OpED by Executive Director Andrew Rigie ›

  • Reduced Restaurant Fines & Task Force Announced

    Did you read the article in Crain's NY, "City Hall to Create Task Force Aimed at Lowering Small Biz Fines" where the following was quoted:

    "Reducing fines has been a major agenda for our alliance," said Andrew Rigie, executive director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance. "We look forward to working with the administration on reducing fines while protecting the public. Hopefully these reforms will be sweeping enough to provide the restaurant industry with the relief from fines that it really needs." Click here to find out more and read the full article! ›

  • NYS Government Affairs Update: Labor, Liquor Licenses & More

    End of Session Update:

    The Alliance brings the interests of NYC restaurant and nightlife operators to the New York State Capitol. Our alert provides an "end of session" update on some of the key issues The Alliance was involved with at the NYS Legislature. These included the following:

    - The Annual Wage Reporting Requirement (Repeal passed)
    - Hospitality Industry Employee Hours (Did not pass)
    - Mandatory gratuities (Did not pass)

    Overall we believe it was a productive session for The Alliance in Albany, as we were at the table for discussions on a wide range of labor, liquor law and economic development issues and we were successful in making the voice of our members heard. Click here to review the entire NYS Government Affairs End of Session Update ›

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  • NYC Checklist for Required Signs for Restaurants and Bars

    Restaurant and nightlife businesses are required to post a variety of federal, state and city signs & permits conspicuously to their employees, customers and inspectors.

    Keeping track of all of them can be time consuming and confusing!

    Wouldn't it be great if your business had a comprehensive checklist of all required postings??? Now you do! Click here for more information & to download the checklist ›


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