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Empower is transforming the “Gig Economy” so that hard-working Americans can earn a sustainable living. This transformation begins with the rideshare industry.

Empower has built innovative software that allows rideshare drivers to set their own rates and collect and keep 100% of the fare. Empower’s software also enables riders to request only their favorite or, if they prefer, same-gender drivers so that they feel safe. Empower is revolutionizing the transportation industry. Not by providing transportation, but by providing software that puts transportation decisions back into the hands of drivers and riders where they belong. 

Empower provides the information and tools that drivers need to take control of their financial future and the choices that riders need to safely and affordably get from point A to point B. With Empower, both drivers and riders win.

At the end of the day, Empower understands what the rideshare companies don’t: While there are no rides without riders, there are also no rides without drivers. At Empower, we believe that everyone has a voice and we are listening. TOGETHER WE CAN EMPOWER!

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